Below, you’ll find answers to the questions we get most about our Consulting services.

1. How do I get started with Buesing Consulting?

An email or phone call is all that is needed to begin. We want to understand your business and business needs to serve you better. Contact us today!

2. Do I have to sign a contract?

In short, yes. All work performed is covered by appropriate terms and conditions that ensure you get what you expect.  However, we believe we will earn your trust to forge a long-term relationship that should not require you to be held to a lengthy contract.

3. Does your company provide project-based work or only managed services?

We recognize that each business and its needs are unique. We partner with you to define and meet your IT project goals and then own the post-implementation operations and management.  However, we understand your business may only need a limited scope of project services, and we are ready to speak with you on how best to achieve your goals.

4. Does your company offer hourly consulting rates?

Yes, we sure do! Knowing there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach we want to work with you on the most cost-effective method to meet your needs.

5. What does the relationship look like after you start working for us?

Our goal is to remove the IT burdens from you. However, the ongoing process is collaborative in nature and can be tailored to your individual requirements.